If you're looking for an alternative to going under the knife for a facelift, a more natural, less expensive alternative called The Liquid Facelift could be for you.

The Liquid Facelift uses injectable facial fillers like Juvaderm, Radiesse, and Restalyne, to fill in wrinkles and plump up the skin. Botox is often used with fillers to temporarily eliminate lines and give a "lifting" affect to areas like the forehead.

Today fillers can be used almost anywhere -- under the eyes, in the jowl area, cheeks, in the lips, to fill in those parentheses around the mouth, and to even reshape the nose.

The Liquid Facelift isn't permanent, but over the past five years, it's become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that some patients say is worth the money, and that trip to their doctor, once or twice a year.