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As always, keep in mind that this is just the game plan and any breaking news means we switch gears and go wherever we need to go. Having said that, we've got a more than full bag of goodies planned for this week. Here's just part of what's spilling over the top ...


Our New Music Monday magic laser lands on "Your Hair Is On Fire," the new album being released this week, by American Idol finalist Leslie Hunt.


Speaking of Leslie Hunt, even though she's about to give birth to a new baby as well as a new album, she's nice enough to find a little time to hang out with us tonight.


Ready to join the march to see G.I. Joe? Want to see what's cooking with Julie and Julia? Wondering if you really want to hang with these Inglourious Basterds? Afraid you'll be "alienated" by District 9? Ready to make time for The Time Traveler's Wife? We'll preview all of these and more movies for the month of August with Hank Sartin, Film Editor for Time Out Chicago.


We first became friends with Tim Cuprisin while we were following Milwaukee's Danny Gokey on last season's "American Idol." Last week, after more than 23 years, Tim ended his run at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal. The past 15 years Tim spent primarily covering TV and Radio. Tonight he joins us with some thoughts on the state of the media and events he covered so well for so long and, possibly, a hint or two about his future plans.


We head to the top of the world for an update from our Barrow, Alaska bureau chief, who is also the owner of Pepe's North Of The Border, the amazing Fran Tate.


This week on our Radio Road Test we're taking a look at the 2009 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab ST 4X2.


We'll update the latest tech news and try to solve your other computer problems on Website Wednesday Night with the "World Famous" Cybersquad!

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