10. The Gold Tooth Art Fair, shop for the latest in bling fashion, see the latest in hot jewelry and some of it is hot

9. Dew Rags and Doo Wop, the top 3 bandanas will win prizes

8. Taste of Lead, see fireworks like you've never seen before, some in the air, some right past your head

7. Gang-A-Palooza, 3 days of hot and muggy mugging

6.Taser Tag, bet on which gang member drops first after being tased by the police

5. Going Gang Green, gang members plant shrubs that they later will use to hide in to jump people

4. Gang Tang, gang members open refreshing cold drink stands throughout the city to raise money to bail out other gang members

3. The Running of Boul Mich, Michigan Avenue will be closed for one day so gang members can safely chase out of towners to try and steal their wallets

2. Gang Volleyball, North Avenue Beach will be closed as 72 gangs compete until it all ends in a dead heat

And the number 1 gang activity just added to Chicago's summer isÂ…

1. Looters on Scooters, gang members organize flash mobs that shop lift Michigan Avenue stores then escape on stolen scooters