a. Got Nuffin: Spoon
b. Black Country Woman: Led Zeppelin
c. Keep it Together(So I can fall apart): Ben Harper & Relentless 7
d. A Song for Jeffry: Jethro Tull
e. Psychotic Girl: Black Keys

5. Linda
a. Master of Puppets: Metallica
b. Kicked in the Teeth: AC/DC
c. Fairys wear boots: Black Sabbath
d. Screaming for Vengeance: Judas Priest
e. Head like a Hole: 9 inch nails

6. Robert
a. Party in the USA: Miley Cyrus
b. A Fifth of Beethoven: Walter Murphy
c. Bitch: Meredith Brooks
d. California Love: 2Pac and Dr. Dre
e. What is Love: Haddaway

7. Dean
a. In My Life: The Beatles
b. Because: Dave Clark Five