Milt is joined in the studio by the AFTRA-SAG Radio Performers for a night of old time radio drama, including a performance of Dracula, as well as some old time commercials and skits. (8/27/07)

Radio Drama (82:12)

Milt talks with Dr. Akbar Ahmed, author of the book Journey Into Islam, and the Ibn Khaldun chair at American University. (8/20/07)

Journey Into Islam (79:18)

Milt talks with Abe Peck and Charles Whitaker, both of the Medill School at Northwestern University, about magazines and the magazine industry. (8/17/07)

Magazines (77:55)

Milt talks with Robert Service, a professor of Russian History at Oxford University and author of the book Comrades!: A History of World Communism. (8/3/07)

Communism (74:58)