Two sailors who died during the Civil War have been laid to rest.

A funeral was held Friday for the men who drowned when the USS Monitor sank during the Civil War.

Hundreds watched the service with full military honors including WDBJ7’s Chris Hurst.

The search continues to identify the remains. Descendants of those who died have given their DNA but even that is a hard process.

So these men who died are buried as unknowns.

But we spoke with a man from Maine on Friday whose great-great uncle died on the Monitor. They've narrowed it down from the 16 who died to just about five possible people.  He hopes it’s his ancestor.

But aside from identifying who these two sailors are, this closes a long story that started New Year’s Eve in 1862, and continued when the turret was brought up out of the water in 2002. They found the remains now 11 years later, and now they've finally been laid to rest.


A chapter of a famous piece of the Civil War is being written.

Two Navy sailors who died aboard the USS Monitor will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery, more than 150 years after they died.

Hundreds of descendants of those who served on the ship are gathering in Washington, D.C.

These remains were found when the turret was brought up in 2002.

Workers have been trying to identify the remains from the 16 who died when the ship sank on New Year’s Eve in 1862. That has been very difficult but, they have DNA from the bones. Now they are ready to be buried Friday afternoon.

Everyone who has worked on this project attended a luncheon Friday afternoon..

They say Friday is a living part of history -- a solemn, peaceful moment where we honor the promise to bring every one of our servicemen and women home.