Whether you are heading off on a short family trip for the holiday weekend, or embarking on a long summer vacation, kids often get bored in the car.

To avoid hearing your children say the infamous phrase, "Are we there yet?" AAA Mid-Atlantic has some helpful advice:

Educate children about where the family is going and what they will be doing when they get there.

Carry along plenty of snacks, drinks and toys for the ride.

Remember prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines, as well as a first-aid kit.

Don't travel too long in one stretch. Kids need frequent stops to walk around and go to the restroom.

And no matter how far (or short) a distance you travel, always buckle your seat belt.

If your travel includes a plane ride, AAA Mid-Atlantic reminds parents to bring along the proper documentation for kids, too.  All U.S. citizens, including infants and children must have a valid passport to travel internationally by air.

You will find more helpful tips by visiting AAA Mid-Atlantic on the Web.

Other helpful sites: the Transportation Security Administration and Families GO!