Making an outdoor classroom comes with mistakes, even on the roof, 15 feet up. Zach Greiner, an 18 year old from Missouri, has an electric drill in his hand and says he's ready to get the job done, "Physically we want to be able to complete this get all of the gazebo and everything done, so that the kids can use it."

The kids are from Oakland Elementary School in Galax. K through 5, close to 300 students in all.

Here's the cool part; this crew you see on the roof and on the ground are from Lynchburg College and high school students from Missouri.

Building outdoors in the final weeks of Winter, was not what the school principal. Larry Williams, was expecting, "What if we can get an outdoor classroom out by the playground? And my first thought was how are we going to pay for it?"

Turns out everything needed to build this outdoor classroom, was donated by local churches, businesses and regular folks. Sam Crawford, an Americorps Tutor, said "It just all came together, and the school system other providing the ground for it, actually didn't cost em anything."

"It's amazing', said 2nd grader Katie Manuel, 'because this outdoor classroom we can learn alot about outside."

The outdoor classroom should be ready for the kids within a few days. In Galax Orlando Salinas WDBJ7