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A Courageous Story: Susan's fight with cancer

We report stories everyday about all sorts of people doing all kinds of things.  We hear about people's struggles and their triumphs.  It's not typical for us to do stories on ourselves, but that's exactly what my colleague Susan Bahorich did today and what a story it was.
Susan is fighting ovarian cancer and tonight on our 6pm broadcast she shared her story. She told us how she was driving when the doctor told her she had cancer. She explained that a cyst in her ovary where the cancer was. She talked about her chemotherapy and she went on camera without any hair. 
What an amazing and courageous thing for Susan Bahorich to do! 

She's been undergoing chemotherapy for several weeks now and has felt sick and exhausted, but she never shows it at work.
All I can say is Susie B you rock! We love you and prayer for your recovery!
You can read more about Susan's story on the main homepage at and on her blog.


Happy 2013. What do you mean "no apples?!"

I'm starting anew.  With a new year comes a new Blog! Everything that was on here before is gone!  Happy New Year Everyone!

What do you think about New Year's Resolutions? 

I never seem to do too well at them. I'm a huge believer in the phrase "Everything in Moderation."  I truly believe that if you live by that motto you can lead a healthy lifestyle. I learned that from my dad who is a chocolate lover like me! 

I will admit I am trying to step up my workout routine now that the holidays are over and I'm trying to eat healthier after a few weeks of holiday parties and family gatherings.  However, I am not a believer in those "all or nothing" approaches. That's just not for me!  That approach doesn't work for me.  I'd rather live by a motto that can carry me for weeks and months and ultimately.. forever!

I am trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, but a diet approach that won't let me eat an apple.. NOT going to do it.  I am trying to eat more lean chicken and fish.  I'm also trying to limit my intake of sweets.  Will I cut out ALL sweets? NEVER! 

I did work out throughout the holiday season although not as much as I would've liked. I did get a great workout in this morning. I can already feel my muscles getting a bit sore. I'm glad. I'm trying to get in better shape and take off a few of those extra pounds that have crept up.

Here is to a healthy 2013!