It has sat nestled between old pine trees in Prairie Village for the past 60 years, but the city says that it's time for an iconic 120-foot water tower to come down.

City officials say that the tower hasn't been used for the past three years, and plan to dismantle the structure as soon as this fall.

"We'll be on the front row," said George Holter, who has lived directly across the street from the massive tower for 40 years.  "This is going to be interesting.  A fellow I talk to that worked on towers said 'You're going to see a crane in here that you've never seen before to cut it up and lift it'."

Holter says that the idea of not seeing the tower everyday will be strange for him.

"We'll miss it," Holter said.  "It's been a landmark. You tell people you live by the tower at 70th and Roe and you can spot the things just about to 435. And they just zero in a drive up to the tower."

While some will miss seeing the structure once it's torn down, the city says no one has filed a complaint about its decision to tear it down.

"It's ugly, it mars the neighborhood," said Florence Rice, a Prairie Village resident for the last 22 years. "It's unnecessary sticking so far up. It's ugly."

Once the water tower comes down, McCrum Park, which lies just east of it, will be expanded. The park is just a small green space now, so increasing it's size makes neighbors anticipate the water tower's removal. The city says that they will recycle the metal in the tower.

"I think the neighborhood would be better off without it than with it," said neighbor Phil Wheeler. "It doesn't really add anything to the community. As long as they can tear it down without any interruption it will be fine for everybody."