Below are a list of the 20 most popular pet names for cats and dogs, as given by Leave us a comment at the bottom to tell us your pet's name.
Boy Dog Girl Dog Boy Cat Girl Cat
Max Maggy Tigger Tigger
Jake Bear Tiger Tiger
Buddy Molly Max Smokey
Bear Shadow Smokey Kitty
Bailey Lady Sam Sassy
Shadow Sadie Kitty Shadow
Sam Lucky Shadow Patch
Lucky Lucy Simba Lucky
Rocky Daisy Patch Misty
Buster Brandy Lucky Sammy
Casey Bandit Oreo Princess
Cody Ginger Charlie Oreo
Brandy Abby Boots Samantha
Duke Sasha Oliver Boots
Charlie Sandy Oscar Lucy
Bandit Murphy Fluffy Precious
Jack Pepper Whiskers Missy
Harley Dakota Gizmo Fluffy
Rusty Katie Taz Whiskers
Sandy Annie Midnight Molly