A woman who kept nearly 150 cats in her Northland home will get to keep four of them, a judge ruled on Tuesday.

Kansas City Missouri Animal Control rescued the cats from the Clay County home of Dolores Metcalf on August 29th after numerous neighbor complaints about the stench coming from the home.

Many of the cats were sick or malnourished, and officials say that over 50 have since died at the city's animal shelter.

On Tuesday, a judge gave the city permission to euthnaize the cats that are unhealthy, and adopt out the rest. By city ordinance, people are allowed to have up to four cats in their home.

The adoption process could begin as soon as Thursday morning unless Metcalf can post a $100,000 bond, which is the amount the city says it will spend in 30 days caring for the cats. If she can come up with the money, she can delay the adoption process until the end of the month.