Daycare worker charged with murder in death of 8-month-old girl

Libyan No-Fly Zone (2011)

What do the Syrians want?

What do the Syrians want?

It was a hot day in Reyhanli, a small town on the Turkish-Syrian border. "Tell Obama we don't want him to intervene," a Syrian woman yelled to me in Arabic. "We do not want to be another Iraq!" She was half joking, but her 19-year old daughter added on quickly: "We want better equipment for our fighters. Maybe a no-fly zone. But no intervention!"

After spending the past two months speaking with Syrians living in both Reyhanli and a small Syrian town about 30 minutes inside of the border, I've heard a lot. What shook me though was not simply the stories I heard, but the amazement of people, who were shocked that I was taking time to listen at...