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Arab Spring

Refugees flee Middle East's perpetual 'gang wars'

Refugees flee Middle East's perpetual 'gang wars'

I kicked off my 1999 book of political cartoons, "One Man Show," with a satirical illustrated account of the previous thousand years, titled, "A Brief History of the Millennium." In one passage, I wrote of those distant centuries:

"The world's peasant majority lived at the whim of psychopathic killers and thieves. These unpleasant gangsters went by different names in different cultures: kings, princes, dukes, emperors, conquerors, caliphs, sultans, chiefs. Among them, there was Tamerlane in central Asia who loved to pile up the severed heads of his victims. There were the Aztec rulers who, on one particular day, cut out the hearts of 20,000 captives. And...