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The Pentagon
Army-Navy hoopla begins well before the game
Army-Navy hoopla begins well before the game

Phil McConkey wasn't surprised to hear that Navy's mascot had been goatnapped last week, for the umpteenth time, prior to Saturday's Army-Navy football game. That the animal was left tethered to a post, outside of the Pentagon, didn't surprise him either. "The goat is a smelly old thing that defecates all the time, and Army probably couldn't deal with it (after the heist)," said McConkey, a star receiver for Navy in the 1970s. "They also stole our goat when I played there, 34 years ago, and I said the same thing then: "Good riddance, let Army have it." After 112 years of hijinks and hoopla, Army and Navy can still find ways to torment each...