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Berlin Wall's Fall (1989)

300 killings hark back to the bad old '90s

300 killings hark back to the bad old '90s

It has been 20 years since Baltimore was a city of 700,000 people. It has been shrinking ever since. We've lost about 80,000 residents since 1995. For that reason — the trend toward a smaller city — I started to believe that we'd never again see 300 homicides in a single year. There just can't be that much anger, stupidity and hatred in this city.

And certainly fewer people could only mean fewer chances for the conflicts that lead to the senseless shootings and the premature deaths.

In fact, until Saturday, we had not experienced 300 homicides since 1999, the last year of one of the dreariest decades in the city's history.

The 1990s in Baltimore were marked...