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Greece's soothing hot springs

Greece's soothing hot springs

A fly landed on my nose, and I wanted to sneeze, but I didn't dare. Muscled masseur Manoli, who had just caked my face with a slime-ball of stinking sludge, warned me not to move a muscle if I wanted this sulfurous mud pack's miraculous properties to work. It dried hard and tight after 30 minutes, turning my cheeks and lips as rigid as Agamemnon's gold death mask. My face tingled and itched as I rinsed it off, but after the burning had subsided a few minutes later, my face felt toned and purified, just as Manoli had promised. I was sitting in a deck chair on the public beach at the lake at Vouliagmeni, the first stop on my four-day road tour of Greek springs. A half-hour...