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Inner Harbor
The 100-year-wait for melt-in-your mouth corned beef
The 100-year-wait for melt-in-your mouth corned beef

Until about 11:30 a.m., the deli line at Attman's makes sense. No one takes a number, and no one tells you where to stand. But for decades, customers have formed a line flush against the deli counter from the front of the store to the back, past the cases with smoked fish, past the shelves of pickled tomatoes. Then at some point, the line gets a little meshugeneh. It doubles back on itself and then takes a jog into the dining area, called the Kibitz Room. "I get plenty of people in here who are used to the line and actually almost look forward to it because it's an entertaining part of the atmosphere," said David Bush, who has worked at Attman's for 38 years....