Issue is important to residents

Since the Laguna Bbeach Ccity Ccouncil has thus far refused to let the residents citizens of the city laguna beach vote on the proposed Village Entrance project which three of them voted for — Steve Dicterow, Elizabeth Pearson and Bob Whalen — easy to imagine a very large crowd at the 6 p.m. Oct. 1 meeting at cCity hHall.

Dozens of letters to the editor have appeared in on-line and print news sources and I'm sure City Council members have receieved hundreds of emails. Tthis is the biggest uprising of the people of Laguna in recent years. At the last council meeting, numerous participants brought signs and placards displaying their feelings.

Roger Carter

Laguna Beach


Council members need to be heroes and say no

The time has come for the City Council to rescind its approval of the Village Entrance project. I know it can't do anything official until the council meets on Oct. 1, but in the interim it can begin the process of changing its mind. All it takes is one of the three who voted yes to say "I've reconsidered. I vote no." And become an instant hero.

In so doing he or she will join all those who have already said nNo, in long lines before the lectern at City Hall, in yard signs all over town, in overflow meetings, and in a torrent of letters to the local press.

The people have voted. The Village Entrance project is moribund. All that remains is a simple final act.

Just say no.

Arnold Hano

Laguna Beach



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