Every year, thousands of professionals head to CEDIA to see all the ways they can make our homes more automated, entertaining and high tech. Here are the products that caught our eye at this year's expo in Indianapolis.

TIVO PREMIER ELITE SET TOP BOX: This is the first and only set top box to combine the best of broadband and broadcast entertainment in one HD interface. Working with digital cable systems, this new product is the only DVR with four tuners that allow for simultaneous recording of four shows while viewing a fifth. It also allows for up to 300 hours of recordings, double that of any of TiVo’s other offerings. Integrated with all the main internet movie viewing sites, this set top box has more to offer to TV viewers than ever before. 


KEF Blade: The KEF Blade is the worlds first single apparent source loudspeaker. The entire frequency range radiates from one point in space, and creates a sound that is almost indistinguishable from a live performance. Elegant, attractive, and revolutionary, the KEF blade retails at $29,999 dollars for a sound that is incomparable.

FORTRESS FIRST CLASS TRAY TABLE: Like a secret compartment, this tray table appears with the click of a slick silver button. For ultimate first class airline luxury, these trays reduce space by only coming out when you need them. Nestled in the arm of a eloquent box chair, this tray table aids for the ultimate airline experience.
SONY PERSONAL 3D VIEWER: Imagine watching a movie in 3D on your own personal 150 inch screen! This headset fits comfortably and lets you get fully immersed in both what you are seeing and hearing. Images are crystal clear thanks to dual OLED screens. Available in November for $800.
MUSICLITES: These smart lightbulbs also pack a wireless speaker! That means you can have sound anywhere in your house where you can screw in a light bulb!  The first model works best in recessed lighting sockets, but you can really place them in any standard light fixture. Sound can be sent from almost any source and it's transmitted wirelessly. A starter kit costs under $300 and includes one transmitter and bulb.