A gorilla gets a hold of a Nintendo DS, and already knows how to handle it.
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At the San Francisco zoo on Friday, a kid accidentally dropped his DS into the gorilla enclosure. One of the larger gorillas walked over, picked it up, and decided to give it a try.

This reminded me of when I went to the Barcelona zoo; I watched a Gorilla pick up a twig, put it between his fingers and lift it to his mouth. The apes must sit around all day watching humans watch them, and they learn a few things along the way; Europeans smoke and kids play video games at the zoo.

But it seemed as if holding the device the right way wasn't enough to turn the DS on. So the gorilla tried holding it like a phone; still nothing. So naturally one of the younger gorillas took pity, and tried to show him how work the technology. Sound familiar?

[Spicuzza via Gizmodo]