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Zach Thornton

Zach 'Hornet' Thornton a driving force for Loyola soccer

Zach 'Hornet' Thornton a driving force for Loyola soccer

Sixteen years ago, he cruised the streets near John Carroll and what was then Loyola College in a Nissan Sentra, a fresh and eager youth who was ready to play, ready to compete. Back then he was known as "The Hornet," not because of his hulking, quarterback-worthy 6-foot-2 stature, but because his prized Sentra was brown — a reference to the Brown Hornet superhero from the Fat Albert cartoons.

After being named Major League Soccer Goalkeeper of the Year twice, an MLS All-Star six times and MLS Comeback Player of the Year, Zach Thornton has returned home to Loyola University as a men's volunteer assistant coach.

With the nickname alongside him.

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