Harbaugh, Reynolds defend Kaepernick's stance – even if they don't agree with it


RAW: Where we pretend WrestleMania never happened

RAW: Where we pretend WrestleMania never happened

We've seen a lot of weird things happen over the past few years at the RAW after WrestleMania. Monday night, something happened that we've never really seen before: What happened at WrestleMania didn't matter.

RAW featured many of the things that we've seen from past RAWs in the WrestleMania season. We saw debuts of NXT wrestlers, and we saw returns of previous wrestlers. We, of course, had the requisite rowdy fans. When they weren't making a mockery of things by chanting for hotels and beach balls, they did make the show more interesting, giving great reactions to the NXT callups and returns, and raising the bar on the good matches. The overarching theme, though, was an odd one,...