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Troy Glaus

Cal grabs All-Star moment

Cal grabs All-Star moment

SEATTLE - The Safeco Field crowd stood at 6:19 p.m., almost too late to force Cal Ripken from the batter's box to acknowledge its welcome as he led off the third inning of a scoreless All-Star Game. A tip of his helmet, a wave of the bat. Then a swing. On the first All-Star pitch by Los Angeles Dodgers right-hander Chan Ho Park - a fastball that drifted toward the middle of the plate - 40-year-old Ripken turned on the mistake with a 22-year-old's hands. And suddenly a balding man who slipped into the game with the least impressive numbers of any All-Star was running and watching while his line drive hooked toward the spectacularly improbable. Ripken, defined almost as much by...