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Tony Banks
Comparing the 2012 Ravens to the 2000 Ravens
Comparing the 2012 Ravens to the 2000 Ravens

As we learned last week, members of the Ravens’ 2000 championship squad are rooting for the 2012 team, but if the modern-day Ravens could go back in time and play them, the 2000 team is confident it would win. "If you asked me to pick a team to win, well, of course the 2000 Ravens," guard Mike Flynn told our Ed Lee. Ray Lewis, the only man still standing from the Super Bowl XXXV team, believes the teams are similar. "When you think about this team and the 2000 [Super Bowl team], the kinds of things you see is we have a great mix of it all," the linebacker said. "We have youth, we have athleticism, we have wisdom, we have leadership -- we have it at all...