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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
Has Federer won his last Grand Slam title?

Invincible no more Diane Pucin Los Angeles Times Roger Federer won't win another major title. There is always going to be a Jo-Wilfried Tsonga now, someone younger, who is a bigger hitter and fearless. Federer will have to be content with his 16 major titles and six Wimbledon championships. Pete Sampras will get to keep that record of seven Wimbledon wins. Federer, who turns 30 next month, is the tiniest step slower in reaching the net, a second tardy in arriving to hit a volley and, as was obvious Wednesday when Tsonga wasn't intimidated being down two sets to Federer, who is not invincible any more. Federer still is good, but not the best. And in men's tennis there...