Harbaugh, Reynolds defend Kaepernick's stance – even if they don't agree with it


In stunt, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan does Taekwondo

In stunt, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan does Taekwondo

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan had changed into his doh-bok, put on his honorary ninth-degree Taekwondo black belt and planted his dress-shoed feet.

He stared at the four boards he planned to break with his bare hand, a stunt celebrating Maryland's first Taekwondo Day honoring a martial art developed in the home country of Hogan's wife, Yumi. He steadied the boards with a hand and stared down the planks for another 11 seconds.

That black belt might have been awarded on a trip to Korea and sanctioned by a prominent Taekwondo organization, but it had not come with instructions.

"I want to make it clear: It’s only honorary," Hogan had said earlier, before...