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Special Olympics
Rec sports

Email rec sports copy to by 9 a.m. on Monday. Running Fifty-six runners came out to Burleigh Manor Middle School to run the Howard County Striders weekly race on Nov. 16. This was the awards race, in which runners who qualified with enough points throughout the fall series were given running night-lights. Devin Rowell and Faith Meininger were the two-mile winners, while Mark Eagles and Terri Wytko won the 5-mile races. 2-mile results: 1. Devin Rowell, 11:47; 2. Ted Poulos, 12:34; 3. Noah Kim, 12:57; 4. Chad Burger, 13:03; 5. Gregg Ford, 13:14; 6. Harry Rowell, 13:48; 7. Logan Kim, 14:14; 8. Faith Meininger, 14:22; 9. Lisa Pisanic, 14:38; 10. Eric...