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If you're looking for Bob Frothingham, look up in the sky [Marriottsville/Sykesville/Woodstock]

A Type T Personality is defined as one who pursues risks through potentially dangerous activities or behaviors. We typically visualize thrill-seekers as young or middle-aged, but in truth, no age limit exists for the Type T. Enter Bob Frothingham, 93-year-old World War II veteran and flying enthusiast. Frothingham began farming in Sykesville in 1957, and although he no longer works the land, he still lives on the family farm with Libby, his wife of 41 years. Two of their children also live in homes on the property. "Bob is the only daredevil" though, says Libby. Farming seems like a pretty conservative profession, but Frothingham has practiced an adventurous hobby —...