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'The Amazing Race' recap, 'We're not in Oklahoma no More'

'The Amazing Race' recap, 'We're not in Oklahoma no More'

Welcome back, everyone! I hope you got your Phil fix over the summer by watching him recreate the 1928 Tour de France on a vintage bicycle. The man does not stop. His calves do not stop.

Anyway, back to the race. It opens in an Old West movie ranch and the teams arrive by stagecoach. Let’s meet them.

Ally and Ashley are L.A. Kings Ice Crew Girls and friends. This means that, during hockey games, they wear tiny shirts and scrape ice off of the arena; they also pose for posters. They are blond, they like sparkly things and one of them has a boyfriend. They claim to be “more than a pretty face,” but their pretty faces sure look identical. They wear pink so we can spot...