Challenges to food-truck restrictions cropping up beyond Baltimore

Lenny Harris

We know how to tri, but how do you Du?

It's new to Howard County, and it could be with us for a long time if things go as I predict.

The first ever DUthe2 Duathlon will be held at Western Regional Park Sunday starting at 7 a.m. The event features over 500 athletes — some from as far away as Florida and New York.

The duathlon will have a two-mile run, a 26-mile bike ride followed by a four-mile run. Even before the race is held, it is already the largest duathlon in the mid-Atlantic region.

Race director Daniel Serpico told me that of the 550 athletes, almost half of them are first-time duathletes. He also pointed out that 70 percent of the entrants are new to muti-sports programs in general. Multi-sport...