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John Snyder

Traditional and modern takes on the Preakness fave, the Black Eyed Susan

Preakness Black Eyed Susan Drink

If the Black Eyed Susan were a race horse, it would be a sprinter. It makes one strong move, then fades quickly.

The strong move occurs this weekend when the cocktail will be in demand at Pamlico Race Track, during both the running of the Black Eyed Susan Stakes on Friday and the Preakness Stakes on Saturday. Over these two days, about 25,000 servings of the libation, poured into commemorative glasses, will be sold at track officials say.

But as soon as Preakness weekend ends, so does the does the local thirst for the Susan.

"Preakness Week is the only time we sell it," said Stephanie Kuzma, general manager of The Owl Bar at the Belvedere, a stronghold of...