John McDonough

Is Joe Maddon changing his hairstyle?

Is Joe Maddon changing his hairstyle?

Does he or doesn’t he?

Only his hairstylist knows for sure.

While everyone was fixated on the Cubs’ signing of Yu Darvish to a $126 million deal Tuesday on the first day of camp, the big story was overlooked.

Manager Joe Maddon reported to camp with the same dye job as last year in spite of the wishes of general manger Jed Hoyer.

Joe, what about the hair?

“It’s getting even better right now,” Maddon told the Tribune on Tuesday on the opening day of camp. “It’s getting (bleeping) good.”

For those not following the saga or who simply chose to forget it, Maddon left Chicago on the “Easy Rider” trip Aug. 6 with his distinguished, silver-haired mane...