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James Morton

'Bus Stop' at Spotlighters is worth the layover

"You've ain't got the manners God gave a monkey!" Cherie (Rachel Verharren) exclaims after she slaps Bo (James Morton) for talking during her performance.

William Inge's "Bus Stop" was the very first play staged at the Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theatre in 1962, so it's fitting that its new production of "Bus Stop" recently had its opening night 50 years to the day of that theater-opening production's opening night.

This compact in-the-round theater in Baltimore's Mount Vernon neighborhood might not seem like the most promising space in which to produce plays, but the Spotlighters has a half-century record of creatively making the most of its basement-level theater. Being right on top of the action for this "Bus Stop" means that you practically share in the late-night meal being served to the bus...