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Ryan Jones (ice hockey)

Howard Summer Swimming

Howard Summer Swimming


PrinceMont Swim League

Roger Carter, 304; West Arundel Ducks, 271

The Roger Carter Seals picked up their third win of their 2013 season, defeating the West Arundel Ducks from Laurel, MD.

The Seals won 24 individual events including triple wins by Shannon Hochkeppel, Maria Liu, Kenneth Mo, Mia Smith, Jeffrey Tse and Alan Wang, along with double wins by Justin Wang. Individual wins came from Jocelynn Choo, Andrew Li, Alex Wu and Andrew Zhao.

Top Roger Carter finishers:

Medley Relays

18-UB: 2. J. Wang, A. Li, D. Phamdo, V. Choo; 3. D. Li, T. Lewis, H. Yang, N. Williams. 18-UG: 2. N. Liu, C....