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Niklas Hjalmarsson

Blackhawks' dynasty? There are worse curses

Blackhawks' dynasty? There are worse curses

The question of whether the Blackhawks are a dynasty will be answered when the question no longer needs to be asked. Here's what we know. It's close enough for Chicago. Around here a four-game winning streak can cause hyperventilating in the bleachers. Eyes mist and hearts flutter thumbing through 30-year-old scrapbooks. Continuity is a coaching change. And now we have the Hawks, doing what we knew they would, doing what they said they would, and, more than likely, ready to do it again. Four sounds better than three. Sure it does, and it is easy to make that promise while being adored at a victory revel with all the mementos of glory lined up on display, Soldier Field awash...