Joe Louis Arena

Win not enough to save Blast's playoff hopes; 11-6 victory over Impact concludes home season

Oh, if the Blast had put forth a similar effort a week ago. For one thing the team wouldn't be on the outside looking in when the playoffs get under way.

Faced with a one-in-a-thousand chance of making it into the postseason, the Blast handled Montreal last night, 11-6. The only problem was the home team had to win the game by 13 points to be in a position to win a tie-breaker with the Impact.

And, oh yes, the Blast needed Montreal to lose tonight in Harrisburg while it was winning its game in Detroit.

Long shot? That's putting it mildly. But it was an inspired effort by the Blast, an effort that would have done the club a world of good when it lost to the Impact last...