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Coffee Companion (5/27): Orioles win late on Memorial Day
Coffee Companion (5/27): Orioles win late on Memorial Day

Today is going to be tough, Baltimore. Really tough. But as we struggle to turn the engine over and begin a new (albeit short) week, let's take solace in the weekend we had both in our lives and in local sports. This is the Coffee Companion, where every weekday morning, we recap the local sports headlines. - Jonathan Schoop hit a pair of home runs and new catcher Nick Hundley drove in a run in the 10th to give the Orioles a fifth extra-inning win this year. Peter Schmuck said their abilities close and late make them like the 2012 team, though that squad didn’t have to deal with what appear to be legitimate struggles for Chris Tillman. - I was out at Delmarva all weekend to see...