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Chicago Blackhawks

Wedded: Courtney Douglas and Brian Katzenberg

Wedded: Courtney Douglas and Brian Katzenberg

Date: Dec. 28 Her story: Courtney Douglas, 28, grew up in Elmhurst, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. She lived in Washington for three years while going to school for a master's degree in education. She moved to Baltimore in 2012 and teaches at the Jemicy School in Owings Mills. Her father, Keith Douglas, lives in San Diego. His story: Brian Katzenberg, 29, grew up in Mount Washington. He is an attorney at the law firm of Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenberg, where his father is one of the founding partners. His parents, Alex and Carla Katzenberg, live in Mount Washington. Their story: In October 2009, Courtney and Brian were invited to the same Halloween party in Washington by...