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Triple Crown
Preakness and Pimlico are inseparable
Preakness and Pimlico are inseparable

Although it may be true that the Pimlico race track needs an update, the Preakness should never leave Baltimore ("Is sun setting on Preakness at Pimlico?" May 17). It is a tradition, and in a world where meaningful things are getting lost, we need to know that meaningful things like the Preakness can prevail. Are we the kind of people who believe we should put our elderly out on an ice floe, or can we embrace our 140-year-old matron, give her a beautiful new hat and reminisce about all the wonderful possible Triple Crown winners there might have been? There are people who have attended the Preakness at Pimlico for so long it feels like home. I would never go to Laurel to...