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Mucho Macho Man (racehorse)

How the horses of the Preakness get their names

How the horses of the Preakness get their names

Secretariat. Man O' War. Citation. Maybe, if he manages to win a couple more races in the next few weeks, Animal Kingdom.

These are the names of some of the greatest thoroughbreds ever, horses that ran to glory on tracks like Pimlico, Churchill Downs and Belmont Park. Their names have deservedly gone down in history and become part of popular culture.

But what about names like Jail Bait, Comply or Die, Onoitsmymothernlaw and the oughtta-be-immortal Yakahickamickadola. In a sport where the names of horses are often wonders to behold (much less to pronounce), shouldn't there be a hall of fame somewhere for thoroughbreds whose accomplishments are few, but whose names are...