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Florida Derby (racehorse)
Linda Robertson: Jockey Luis Saez rides with heavy heart, no fear

Sometimes, deep in the night, Luis Saez questions whether he still has the courage to keep racing horses. His younger brother died racing horses, but Saez knows he can't dwell on the spill that killed Juan five months ago. Fear is the jockey's most insidious foe. It is when Juan comes to him in his dreams that Saez is able to banish the doubt. "He talks to me in my dreams," Saez said. "He says he is fine, and he looks very happy. He gave me a hug and told me never to be scared." The next day, when Saez gets back in the saddle, he feels strong. He carries the passion of two, two brothers who always wanted to be jockeys. Saez will be thinking of Juan on...