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Belmont Stakes
Wedded: Anna Scanlan and Dave Swift
Wedded: Anna Scanlan and Dave Swift

Date: June 7 Her story: Anna Scanlan, 26, grew up in Timonium. She is a labor and delivery nurse at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center in Rosedale and is working toward a master's degree in nursing education at Towson University. Her mother, Mary Scanlan, lives in Timonium. Her father, Al Scanlan, lives in Silver Spring. His story: Dave Swift, 32, grew up in Stoneleigh. He works with his two brothers for their uncle's custom home company, Southfen Inc., based in Whitehall. His mother, Debbie Swift, is the owner of Lutherville-based The Lovin' Oven Cake Company and lives in Timonium. His father, Tim Swift, lives in Ocean Pines. Their story: Anna, who is one of five...