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A hole in Barrett's life; Golf: Gearing up for the LPGA Championship, the former Baltimorean is having a tough time coping with the loss of her teacher, DeDe Owens.

The news was more traumatic to Tina Barrett than anything she had faced in her 10 years on the LPGA Tour. The only thing worse would have been something bad happening to her husband or a member of her family back in Baltimore.

Then again, DeDe Owens was like family to Barrett.

It was during a rain delay at last month's Titleholders Championship that Barrett learned of Owens' heart attack and that the 53-year-old golf teacher had lapsed into a coma. Owens would die a week later.

"It's been tough," Barrett said yesterday from Wilmington, Del., where she is preparing for this week's LPGA Championship. "Right now, I'm playing OK, so it's not as bad. I don't...