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Frank Rice

History matters: Odd brain transplant from 100 years ago

100 Years Ago

Canine cranium

Marriages listed in the Times which took place in Ellicott City:

"Feb. 1st. Frank Rice 24 and Maud A. Leaman, 18, both of Guilford, Md.

"Feb 1st, Karl Gunther 24, and Elsie Bratton, 21, both of Baltimore.

"Feb. 1st. Samuel B. Cochran, 22, and Anna Marie Friedel, 16, both of Baltimore City.

"Feb. 1st. Thomas W. Holcombe, 21 and Helen M. Scott, 19, both of Washington. D.C."

"The Ladies Aid Society of the Savage M.E. Church were entertained at the home of Mrs. T. Blaine Conaway Friday, January 31st. As soon as the business was disposed of, spent the rest of...