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Sean Payton

'Deflategate' report puts Roger Goodell in quite a spot

'Deflategate' report puts Roger Goodell in quite a spot

The report is in on "Deflategate," but the jury is still out.

It shouldn't be for long.

Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to suspend Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and discipline coach Bill Belichick -- and, yes, I realize that Belichick was supposedly exonerated by the Wells report on the deflated footballs used in the AFC title game.

Spare me. There is no plausible scenario in which Brady did not know that the footballs were being deflated for his benefit. For that matter, it's difficult to believe that Belichick didn't have some idea of what was going on.

He's Bill Belichick, one of the NFL's great control freaks, but he couldn't see the fantastic...