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Robert Golden

Steelers defeat Chargers on last-second touchdown, 24-20

SAN DIEGO _ Le'Veon Bell barely got in the end zone from the one-yard line with no time left to give the Steelers a pulsating 24-20 victory over the San Diego Chargers on Monday night.tmpplchld With one timeout left and the ball at the one, the Steelers lined up with Bell in the wildcat shotgun formation as quarterback, something he had done several times during the game.tmpplchld It was a monumental gamble because it came with five seconds left and Bell used all five to score. The clock had run out, so had he not scored, the Steelers would have lost without taking a chip-shot field-goal try to tie it.tmpplchld The comeback victory lifted the Steelers' record to 3-2. San Diego fell...