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Omar Bolden
Paul Klee: Numbers back up bravado of Broncos pending free agent CB Harris

DENVER This, under the Sony flat screen, is the confidence zone of the Broncos locker room. This is where the defensive backs hang out. It reeks of swag. Aqib Talib texts here. T.J. Ward chills here. Chris Harris Jr. is building a home here, in the confidence zone, complete with bravado tables, brash chairs and I-told-you-so drapes. "Oh, I'm definitely on the list of top corners in the NFL," Harris says. "That's just how I feel. I feel like I'm a unique player." So you're a top-10 cornerback? Top five? "Top five, for sure. I think so. Look at my numbers," he says. "The numbers have been there for almost four years. The numbers...