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Mark Sanchez
Joe Flacco joins the 20-interception club
Joe Flacco joins the 20-interception club

Believe it or not, Joe Flacco joined select company in 2013, doing something that all-time greats such as John Elway, Dan Marino, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning all did at least once in their career. Heck, even the great Johnny Unitas pulled it off, but Flacco will have to do it a few more times to match him. That’s right, with three interceptions last weekend, the Ravens quarterback joined the 20-interception club. No word on whether he gets a snazzy membership jacket or anything like that. This, of course, is not something that Flacco strived for. He had been one of the NFL’s most careful quarterbacks, never throwing more than 12 interceptions in a season before...