From Africa to Baltimore: The long path to education for a Hopkins star

Marc Mariani

Mike Preston's report card: Titans 26, Ravens 13

Mike Preston's report card: Titans 26, Ravens 13

Quarterback: This was one of Joe Flacco's worst days as a pro. His passes in the flat had no zip, and he even had trouble completing swing passes. He held onto the ball too long at times, and never had any timing with his receivers. Flacco, who threw two interceptions, finished with a quarterback rating of 51.2. Grade: F

Offensive line: The Titans had three sacks, but they put constant pressure on Flacco. Right tackle Michael Oher returned to old form, and had two false start penalties. Left tackle Bryant McKinnie was slow off the ball. Like Flacco, the offensive line had no continuity. This looked like a group that had not practiced for a long period of time....