Maryland boy who got double hand transplant can throw a football, write with pencil, do other routine tasks

Malcom Floyd

Ravens' primary goal for secondary: no big plays

Ravens' primary goal for secondary: no big plays

No matter how much the Ravens' beleaguered secondary improves after the bye, they know a single big play allowed over the top of their coverage can negate it all.

Chief among the secondary's responsibilities in this extended respite, defensive backs coach Chris Hewitt said, is to erase the back-breaking big passing plays they've allowed over the first eight games from their memory, and ensure they don't crop up again the rest of the season.

"Can't happen," Hewitt said of the big plays. "Don't want 'em. Don't need 'em. We've got to do a much better job.

"We've given up a couple big plays in the last couple games, and we don't want it to become a common...