Arrests in Baltimore for illegal guns often lead to dropped charges or little jail time

Malcolm Smith

CBS got better in home stretch of Ravens' loss

CBS got better in home stretch of Ravens' loss

The CBS D-Team of Spero Dedes, Solomon Wilcots and Scott Kaplan started slow Sunday -- slow and sloppy. They were broadcasting at a D-minus level.

It was hot, humid and the weather was going to be a major story line.

The CBS crew seemed to understand that, as heat was one of the first topics addressed by Dedes at the start of the game. Except instead of solid information, viewers got generalities and confusion.

"The temperature right around 80 degrees, and they're talking about it getting up to about 91," Dedes told viewers as a graphic on the screen next to a ball of sunshine said 85.

Which was it, guys, 85 or 80?

But don't put all the blame on...